How to Bring the Mission or Retreat to Your Parish

The Mission or Retreat is Offered at a Price You Can Afford
The cost of the mission or retreat is only the presenters' transportation, lodging and meals. We ask that participants, who can afford it, be prepared to give a free will offering.

Parish Check List: Preparing for the Mission or Retreat
The following check list helps the parish to plan for each phase of the preparation. To begin, contact Christine Watkins at Holy Choices: (415) 260-4406 or

A. First Steps in Preparing (about 3 months before the mission or retreat)

  1. Pastor signs a letter of agreement and returns it to Holy Choices
  2. Pastor selects a mission/retreat chairperson
  3. Chairperson, in consultation with the pastor, selects committee members and gives them their appropriate job descriptions: hospitality, publicity, organization, and prayer for the success of the mission or retreat.
  4. Chairperson makes additional copies of the Parish Mission Manual or Retreat Manual for the committee members
  5. Parish secures housing for the presenters; if adequate housing is available in the rectory or nearby convent, that is the best arrangement; otherwise, obtain appropriate housing where the presenters can have ready access to one another
  6. Mission/Retreat committee develops a budget for the mission/retreat
  7. Committee begins to make its preparations, based on the guidelines in the Parish Mission Manual or Retreat Manual.

B. Promotion Duties for the Committee (about 3 months before the retreat)

  1. Develops a plan to promote the mission/retreat, which includes the following (for details see the Parish Mission Manual or Retreat Manual):
    • inserts retreat dates into parish calendar
    • uses bulletin notices and inserts, pulpit announcements, posters and parish website page to inform parish of the mission/retreat
    • sends letters to neighboring churches
    • arranges for news releases and/or advertisement to Catholic newspaper, local newspaper, radio, TV as appropriate.
    • designs, creates, and displays mission or retreat banner
  2. Makes sure all parish organizations are informed about the event and have cleared their calendars; encourages them to participate
  3. Begins a prayer campaign 2 months prior to mission/retreat
  4. Begins phone campaign 7 to 10 days prior to mission/retreat

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